Writer’s workshops with Author of Our Diligent Souls Emer G.M. Lawless

The LongWalk shopping centre community rooms – Saturday, October 27th – 10.00am – 5.00pm

Workshop Poster


To book contact Emer on 085 2279190 or at . Course fees for full day are €80 fee including lunch. Booking essential, register early as there are limited places available.

The workshops are suitable for all ages, for budding writers at any stage of their process. The focus is on fiction novel writing and short-stories, but it is guaranteed to inspire anyone with an inclination or genuine interest in writing. For more information you can follow this link to the Long Walk shopping centre website.

Workshop structure:
10.00-10.30 Introduction…A brief synopsis of what is to be covered throughout the day. The clients are asked to introduce themselves, stating what they hope to get from the workshop and where they are at in the writing process.
10.30-11.00 The importance of structure, creating a framework and corresponding timeline. Having the essential tools to hand.
11.00-11.30 Stretching and minimising the synopsis to get a better feel for the chapter by chapter stage of events. Adapting the storyline for a work in progress.
11.30-11.50 Short break
11.50-12.20 Creating memorable and distinctive characters. Separate storylines, character backgrounds, independent voices, isms, defining body language. Pacing new character introductions
12.20- 12.50 The protagonist drive and anti-protagonist conflict. The use of subterfuge, aversion and story reconciliation.
12.50 -1.50 Break for lunch
1.50-2.20 Creating verve- literary animation, rhythm and pace, intermittent paragraphs of prose.
2.20-2.40 Dialect, attitude, accent, gender roles, dialogue framework and endings.
2.40- 3.10 Sense of place, time and atmosphere, creating subtle substance.
3.10-3.40 Proof-reading and editing options. Pros, cons and pitfalls. On-line support forums and submission opportunities across the field.
3.40- 4.00 Short break
4.00-4.30 Approaching the publishers, end Synopsis, letter of introduction, copyright laws, author’s contracts, time frames.
4.30-5.00 Social media for writers, self-publishing options, ISBN numbers, formatting etc.