It is approximately five days to launch so where do I sit, apart from in the kitchen.

I want Our Diligent Souls to be read by the masses, only natural that. But it is outside of my control at this point, apart from driving traffic to my site. What I’ve spent, I’ve spent as it were, and although there were costs, the past four years has been the most significant of my life. To keep that a secret is simply not cool; to gagged what it has given me in respect of my own self-development is immeasurable. It justifies the time spent and more even if the book falls flat on its face, and that is the truth.

It is motivation, discipline and a serious commitment that brings a novel from its conception to the market that should go without saying, but it is a mindful and rewarding process beyond anything I can ever describe. Writing a book as not a hobby, but how much richer might my life might have been if I’d set to it with my earliest ambition, it’s impossible to say, but hey, there is no time like the present. It was an articulated lorry of an honours degree for me, weighing in at a full-time, four-year process between proofreading, submissions and the eventual preparation for self-publishing which was intense. But bring it on, that’s all I can say?

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